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About 500 people comprising NGOs, Social Activists, Students, Lawyers, NCC Cadets and NSS Volunteers. Got together for a walkathon on December 10th International Human Rights Day. Walk started from Gandhi Statue at 10 am flagged off by Justice A. J. Sadashiva along with Poornima and Rajan.

Radha is 12.

Never been to school. Never played like other children her age. Rolls agarbattis (incense sticks) throughout the day, everyday. Doesn't she have a right to her childhood, the right to education and play?

Human Rights Training for State Resource Group of SSA in Kerala

The Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) Kerala on accepting the proposal put forth by Kerala Human Rights Education (HRE) Programme to take up the training of Human Rights Education for teachers up to 7th standard, the first training was conducted for the State Resource Group of SSA. The training was conducted by South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring (SICHREM) and Institute of Human Rights Education (IHRE) on 1st March 2013 at Animation Center, Kovalam, Kerala.

Public Hearing on RTE at Dharawad

SICHREM in collaboration with CACL-K and KIDS Dharawad organized a Public Hearing on Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 on February 23, 2013, at Karnataka Vidhyavardhaka Sanga, Dharawad. This public hearing was organised with an aim to pressurize the state to implement all provisions of the Act by creating wide spread awareness among common public on the all provisions of RTE Act and to provide a platform to depose cases of various violation of RTE.

SICHREM at 8thViBGYOR International Film festival in Kerala

This year’s Valentine’s Day on 14 February was not very romantic, but instead very powerful and above all very important. It was the day when hundreds of women and men in Bangalore were standing up and dancing together for Women’s and Girl’s Rights within the worldwide campaign “1 BILLION RISING”.

Advisory Board Meeting of Childline, Kolar

The Advisory Board of Childline, Kolar had its first meeting on 8th January 2013 at the SP Office, Kolar.

PRESS STATEMENT - "International Day in support of Torture victims", 26th June, 2019

International Day in support of Torture victims

STATEMENT FOR MEDIA - “Trigger Happy” Policemen endangers the Human Rights ethos of the city

“Trigger Happy” Policemen endangers the Human Rights ethos of the city



SICHREM seeks to empower the disempowered groups of dalits, tribals, women, children and minorities to protect their individual and collective rights for a dignified life, through education, monitoring and mobilising civil society for concerted action.

  • Prevention of Human Rights Violations
  • Promotion of Human Rights Culture
  • Restoration of Human Rights
  • Advocacy for Human Rights
  • Campaigning for Human Rights
  • Human Rights Education & Training
  • Resource Mobilization to support Human Rights
  • Support & Solidarity for Human Rights Defenders & NGOs
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. Seminar on Rights of the Indian People in Danger

Post globalization era in India is going through rapid transformation in many ways. While the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer, India’s land, water, forests and mineral resources are being sold to the corporate world in a major way. Lives & livelihoods of the majority of the people of this country is getting threatened and many have been destroyed. Through this disastrous and reckless process a major invasion on the environment of this subcontinent is unleashed, threatening the lives of all future generations and all the fragile species.

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Students stand for Human Rights

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Friday, June 28th 2013
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